Learning, knowledge and innovation are at the heart of Hexatsep’s software’s development strategy. This is the leading factor in our activities.
Driven by the desire to offer state of the art technologies, products, and professional services to the market, as well as delivering value to our customers, our investment in R&D demonstrates our continuing commitment in research and innovation.

Hexastep’s combined expertise in several technologies in order to engineer solutions for the most complex, demanding, and multidisciplinary requirements, offering the level of custom development or adaptation according to out customers needs
Our solutions cover the whole software and dedicated electronic development life-cycle, from planning and analysis, to design, development, testing, integration, and maintenance.

The main areas of engineering are:

  • Development of localization and tracking systems - people and asset tracking
  • Development of smart sensing - for internet of things smart solutions
  • Development and prototyping of specific custom electronic equipment (microcontrollers, CAN, I2C, SPI, RS485, wireless communications technologies);

Our R&D engineering capabilities can be considered as an important added value in our project, and product development activities.

The CARTS (Canopy Adjusted Real Time Spraying) Project is motivated by the necessity of the optimization of the application of fertilizers and or pesticides in vineyards. It is also driven by the need of the creation of traceability mechanisms of the chemical use on crops, driven by international standards and European directives concerning the quality of agriculture products.

Project Consortium : Hexastep (leading partner) and Évora University (scientific partner)

The main objectives of this project are:

  • Developing of an electronic system, for real-time canopy measurements and the calculation of the adapted flow rate;
  • Data collecting and processing, as agriculture analytics tools;
  • Tool for rationalization of the use of chemicals, ensuring a more homogeneous and optimized use with consequent reduction of the production costs;
  • Creating a central record of the use of chemicals in the vineyard, enabling the traceability of it.

Project Timeline : Sept 2015 - Sept 2017

The Goal
The Goal of CARTS (Canopy Adjusted Real Time Spraying) Project is to build a vineyard sprayer control system capable of adjusting the flow rate of the nozzles based on the plant canopy dimensions. All this must be done in real time, as the sprayer moves through the vineyard. Such a control system must be able to:

  • Measure the size of the plant canopy
  • Process the data collected and calculate the amount of liquid to apply
  • Control output of the spray nozzles, so that the correct amount of liquid is applied in the correct place

The R&D project ended in September 2017, with all objectives achieved . For more information, visit | website CARTS |

The efficient Pig Meat Production, taking into account animal well-fare, particularly in the Alentejo region where almost half of the national pig effective is located (45%) and 28% of farms are situated and also the bigger ones (number of sows) located, is also where the climate variables are most extreme, demanding high monitoring of environmental and physiological variables so that we control and achieve economical viable results and good market access.
The main objective of the AWARTECH project is to create and develop a precision zootechnic innovative tool that will Support and reinforce the pig value chain, in a multidimensional context that will respect the production aims, to market imperfections and to globalization.

The project consortium : Equiporave (Leading Partner); Hexastep (Technology Partner), Évora University (Scientific Partner)

Hexastep’s Smart Farming technologies aims the management of the agricultural and livestock eco-systems, reducing the risk of production failure, minimize operating costs and integrating all activities/ operations. Allowing, for example, farmers remotely real time monitor their farming equipment, perform production ambient analysis, monitor energy and productivity, and monitor livestock (environmental and animal parameters), etc.
Hexastep´s Smart Farming approach, is largely associated with the collecting of large quantities of data and transforming it in decision support information. In real time, and history based, to manage, measure, monitor and act, anytime and anywhere.

The major objectives are

  • Reducing production costs;
  • Increased animal wellbeing and productivity;
  • Information in real time anytime, and anywhere.

It's about helping farmers to manage their livestock better.

  • More acceptable;
  • More practical;
  • Answering to societal demands:
    • better animal welfare and health;
    • better management practices;
    • less contamination.
  • Answering to farm economics:
    • better care for money
    • increased production control
    • optimisation of management

Some of the core parameters

  • Feed machines integration
  • Weight monitoring
  • Cough sound
  • Animal activity through video analysis
  • Air quality monitoring (Co2, NH3, CH4)
  • Animal ID
  • External body temperature
  • Energy, and ambiance parameters (temp, humidity)
  • People presence
  • Equipment & Infrastructure sensors
  • Others…

eVision is a solution to analyse and manage, in real time, people flow and
occupation in public and private spaces.Preventive and reactive actions can be
acted on and followed.

This solution is developed in partnership with:
Project Code: LISBOA-01-02B7-FEDER-069850 I NORTE-01-02B7-FEDER-069850
The project is financed by Lisboa 2020, Norte 2020 and Portugal 2020
Aproval Date: 2020-10-16
Start Date: 2020-04-01
End Date 2021-03-31
Total Eligablr Cost: 367.806,42 Eur
Financial EU Suport: (FEDER): 307.370,130 Eur.

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