Smart Sensing is a highly automated communications process by which measurements are made and data IS collected, at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to a central platform for central remote monitoring.
GRID Smart Connect is Hexastep’s Integrated IoT, Internet of Things, platform for the monitoring and control and automation of a wide range of equipment's and infrastructures, with the flexibility of developing and integration functional requirements that address specific needs of an sector/ industry and user.

GRID Platform offers a rapid route for those wanting (and have the need) to embrace the Dedicated Internet of Things (DIoT) concept.

A smart sensing platform must be functional robust, connect multiple devices independent of the location, and effectively share and process the collected data.
It also is imperative that the system features a visually appealing interface that is simple, yet sophisticated and highly intuitive, so that users can easily implement business logic and rules. GRID’s Smart Sensing Platform provides this in a private cloud, in an easy way and with an intuitive graphical interface.

Hexastep’s IoT solutions, connects to the legacy devices existing today and will connect to what will come in the future. GRID Smart Connect IoT Platform is device and protocol agnostic.
Integrating advanced analytics tools, GRID IoT, can analyse and correlate data and events, and automate intelligent interactions.

IoT has a very complex value chain due to the fact it impacts a large number of processes. Below is the simplified version of the value chain listing down the key activities under each component of the value chain to be considered in the IoT Grid Smart Connect Platform business.

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