The Company

Hexastep is a Portuguese private owned, technology, innovation software solutions development company, and was founded in 2002. From originally offering the necessary know-how for the developing of special projects for customers, Hexastep quickly became an important partner within the universe of our clients combining expertise in technological engineering and software development, in order to engineer solutions for the most complex, demanding, and multidisciplinary problems.We achieved this by engaging talented employees, as well as through a clear vision of the future of open e-solutions, with functionality, flexibility, integration and development potential as keywords.

Since the beginning, our work was based upon three important principles:

Developing the best systems requires sensitivity to the needs and requests of our customers through the several industries.
State of the art technological development must be build on modern tools.
Flexibility, development potential and integration capacity are crucial for developing state of the art e-solutions and m-solutions.

Hexastep is currently engineering, creating and deploying software solutions that guarantee support for key operational functions. We deliver engineer systems and software tools that monitor environments, manage businesses and ensures that critical processes are conducted securely and efficiently. Working within a diverse array of market sectors we deliver high-quality, expert staff who help our customers achieve and sustain success in all their business.
Hexastep provides solutions, services and technologies for mission and business critical processes and our success lies in bringing quality and innovation to our customers’ IT systems in a timely and cost effective manner. We have a solid track record of delivering quality projects on time and within budget and have successfully released technologies and products worldwide.