In-Real-Time Remote Tracking and Monitoring

AVISTA a totally integrated global location platform that automatically processes and provides real-time information to control and manage all types of assets relevant for a company such as, e.g., fixed assets, and movable assets such as vehicles e.g.

Therefore this platform is an indispensable support tool for Managers as well as for Field Operationals (e.g. support, equipment installation, maintenance, delivery of goods etc) that will benefit from georeferenced real-time information on their respective business activity branch, mainly for the following areas:

  • Real-time Position control; Usage Control; Performance Control; Security Control and Alarms Anywhere Notification.


AVISTA is segmented in three main products – Land, Sea and Solutions (project oriented) that address the specific needs of each sector which are supported by a vertically integrated platform: the Central Platform for Global Localization. This platform automatically processes and provides real-time information that enables to control and manage all types of actives that may be of tracking and monitoring importance for a company such as fixed, movable and portable assets.
The sectors within the industries are:

  • Construction and Works; Distribution and Delivery Services; Technical Infrastructures; Equipment Rental; Fleet Leasing; And Others