Telemetry and sensing is a highly automated communications process by which measurements are made and other data collected, at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for central remote monitoring.

GRID is an Integrated Sensing and Telemetry platform for the monitoring, control and automation for a wide range of areas, with the flexibility of developing and integration functional requirements that address specific needs of an sector/ industry and user.

GRID Telemetry connects sensors making the collected data available on a computer, tablet or smartphone; integrates to other software; and offers configurable alerts. Compatible with the main market available sensors.

Wherever the Equipment
Whatever the Activity or Industry
Whatever the Location
Accessible from Computer or Mobile Device
View Data & Receive Alarms

GRID is a sensing & telemetry integrated solution that allows the remote monitoring and control taking signals from sensors, meters, cameras, plc’s, SNMP-local sensors, even rfid, and makes de readings available in the GRID-Portal and also, according to the incorporated rules and parameters, sending and visualize alert notifications when readings go above and/or below certain thresholds. Connected with actuators it can also trigger actions.

GRID enables remote real-time data transmission for monitoring and control different type of devices in several environments and communicating, locally or remotely, through Ethernet or 3G/4G.
The remote recording from sensors is with total flexibility, accurately and reliably. It is possible to connect in the same system different type of sensors, with different measures, time intervals and resolutions.

Large scale systems aren’t a problem, the system can expand to any size, and any complexity of sensors and meters.