The process of computerization and integration a the national health system through E-Health, aims to integrate all the clinical and administrative activities carried out on Citizens by various health services, as well the integration of existing and future information systems providing the national Health Service of an information infrastructure of high quality, reliability and safety in accordance with current standards of confidentiality and privacy of users.
The development of the Electronic Clinical Process under the E-Health strategy aims to provide an information system that allows to cover Hospital Care, Term- and Primary Care, integrating M-Health oriented system mobility components.

The two E-Health main systems:

  • HIS - Health Information System : Hospital and Term- and Primary Care
  • M Health - Health Information System focused on Mobile (Local) Care

Health BI - Analytical and Statistical Health Information

The Health BI System (Business Intelligence) is a powerful tool for data analysis and treatment from various sources of information, provided the necessary health statistical information for the definition of strategies (operational and tactical) and health plans, management and control, and operational management of the health facilities.
Equally important is the appropriate response through the reporting tools.
The Health BI provides a vision of the institution's status and health services, in that it produces indicators for monitoring the activities and results.