SIGA is an information system that was been developed by Hexastep for the Ministry of Transports of Angola - CNC Angola based on the most advanced web technologies to create an intuitive and pleasant user experience. 

The system functionalities provided to CNC, users and worldwide agents allow the remote issuance of boarding certificates in a standardized manner. This and the control of the issued certificates and the collection of the fees associated with the transport type of the cargo to and from Angola, is being made remotely in real time through the SIGA Portal.

Statistical indicators

The data stored in the SIGA is used for the generation of statistical information for reporting published by the CNC in the form of statistical bulletins on a quarterly basis, and decision support indicators.
An other asset of SIGA is its capacity of extraction other information such as related to goods entering in Angola, to support the decision making of various Angolan state agencies (INADEC Ministry Trade and other).

With the commissioning of this system the CNC, in particular, and the Angolan state, in general, now has a control and generating detailed information tool of all goods entering and leaving the country, as well as information concerning all entities involved in maritime transportation to and from Angola.