Innovation, a cornerstone of our strategy

Hexastep’s long-term commitment with innovation has enabled us to improve our competitiveness, year after year, and continues to maintain the company with a sustainable growth.

Therefore, innovation is one of the important cornerstones of our strategy. So that we adapt in a flexible way to our customers' needs, without forgetting the clear commitment that we hold with the promotion of talent.

We conduct an open innovation model, which seeks to take advantage of the internal talent (our professional team), and external knowledge, accessible through our relationship with the most demanding customers, with our partners who are leaders in their fields, and with scientific knowledge centres such as universities.

Partnership with the Évora University

Hexastep and the Évora University, signed a partnership agreement in R&D with the main objective of cooperation in various fields of their expertise. Being Precision Farming one of the anchor areas of this partnership, Precision Agriculture and Livestock Farming, Hexastep implemented a Technology R&D Centre at Évora University - ICAAM, Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Évora Mediterranean.

Based on this partnership Hexastep and ICAAAM, in consortium, started on 1st October 2015 a project for the development of an innovative technological system for the "selective application of pesticides in the Vineyard by spraying in real time based on foliage density" - having as acronym Canopy Adjusted Real Time Spraying (CARTS).


Precision LIvestock Farming - AWARTECH Project

The AWARTECH (Animal Welfare Adjusted Real Time Environmental Conditions of Housing) project, led by Equiporave Iberica Lda in a partnership consortium with Hexastep SA and University of Évora, is a project of applied research in co-promotion that aims to create and develop a precision zootechnic innovative tool that will Support and reinforce the pig value chain.

Smart Sensing and Telemetry

Hexastep’s GRID is a smart sensing and telemetry system for the data collecting and monitoring of technical and environmental parameters. Based on a set of devices and services in an integrated manner, enables, among other features, the monitoring, and remote control and management of equipment and processes.

Bespoke Solutions

Working closely with our customers, our know-how and capacity in electronic engineering and software development, enables us respond to the needs of for bespoke development based on our customer’s individual project requirements.