Tailoring Solutions to our Customer’s Needs
Hexastep has a notourious experience in the development and integration of custom solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.
Working closely in an unified partnership with our customers, our added value is in our capability in development of any software-related product or solution based on individual project requirements.

Hexastep’s systems and software engineering covers an extensive range of methodologies and technologies that allow to present the most efficient solution for each unique customer challenge ensuring IT projects and systems deliver on their promises.

Hexastep works on projects that are solely developed and managed in house or on third-party projects where customers often need the additional assurance that their contracted suppliers are delivering on standards requirements.
The experience and work across multiple industries allows Hexastep to exploit solutions and best practice methodologies from across different markets, according to international standards, a distinctive quality recognised by all partners.

Hexastep’s Smart Farming solutions aid the management of the agricultural and/ or animal production system as a whole to be successful, reducing the risk of crop failure, minimize operating costs and integrating all activities/ operations, allowing for example that farmers can remotely monitor their farming equipment, perform soil analysis, monitor energy and productivity, or create custom maps to direct each area of a field exclusively, and monitor livestock (environmental and animal parameters), etc.
Hexastep´s Smart Farming Concept is largely associated with the collecting of large quantities of data and transforming it in decision support information, in real time and history based, to manage, measure, monitor and act, in various activities.

The two major objectives are:

  • Reducing production costs, and increased productivity and quality of crops;
  • Reducing the resulting environmental impact of agricultural activities.

Hexastep´s smart farming concept aims to integrate differentiated applications, taking in account the spatial and temporal variation of the productive potential and the specific requirements of crops in order to increase and improve the economic efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture as a total activity.

Besides the capability in developing custom-oriented projects for smart-farming, specific Hexastep’s solutions in this area, are:

  • Agriculture, Vineyard : CARTS – Canopy Adjusted Realtime Spraying
  • Animal Production, Pigs & Poultry : Smart Farm Control (Animal, Infrastructure, and Environment
  • Smart Farm Analytics : Data, Image (Video), and Sound analysis

ezCourse is an integrated Golf Course Management System based on real-time activity tracking and monitoring. Centered on the Round and Operations, it increases the golfer’s satisfaction while increasing Course productivity and efficiency.

Before, during, and after the round, ezCourse as an integrated Course Operations Management Solution serves as diagnostician, marshal, ranger, concierge, caddie, marketeer, security officer, and goodwill ambassador.

ezCourse is a technologically advanced solution, providing the real-time monitoring, tracking, and management of all the Course activities.

Based on the modern concepts of interactive digital communication and business analytics, ezCourse is specifically designed to promote interaction between the course operations and the players, while providing important management and operations information.

Strategic benefits:

  • Operational management of all field activities occurs dynamically, providing a total overview and control of “what’s happening” on the Course.
  • Player & Game Monitoring, complete and current overview of the rounds in progress, pace of play, VIP players, requests for assistance, etc.
  • Efficiency and Productivity, improvement of Course’s business and service/ operation activities.
  • Customer Satisfaction, through better quality of service and improved customer experience

Activity Analytics
By definition, Hexastep considers that a decision support system should be an interactive systems that can easily integrate different sources of information that influence decision-making process of an entity.
Therefore Hexastep’s Decision Support System combines all this information, according to personal knowledge and business models so that they can mitigate the risk.

Hexastep’s decision support solutions explores large volumes of data in an organization (warehousing and data mining), and makes it available to the user according their business rules, through an intuitive, flexible and simple access through reporting tools and dashboards.

Key benefits

  • Business information with the flexibility to integrate different sources of information;
  • Different interface options;
  • Dashboard per user;
  • Better controllability, real-time monitoring, KPI monitoring and implementing corrective measures;
  • Automatic reports for profiles, architecture "event-driven" business rules configuration and KPIs.

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